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Fuel Insights Tools


Fuel Insights features standard survey tool choices such as:
- Single Answer Choice (radio button)
- Select All That Apply (multi-answer choices)
- Drop Down Menu (single answer choice from a menu)
- Ranking (matrix style)
- Open Field
and several others.

But, we also offer a wide range of qualitative-style tools that can be used in surveys as well:
- Heatmap (clickable images with a flexible grid behind the image that identifies where participants are clicking)
- Card Select (offering choice from 3-12 cards that contain images, words or colors - selectable by participants)
- Video (sharing a video file with participants)
- Video Upload (allowing participants to share a selfie-style video directly into the survey)
- Journal (online Journal / Diary Study options)

And we are constantly updating our tool offering based on feedback and input from our clients.