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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Questions

 Nothing is free . . . what’s the catch?

We appreciate the question and understand it but, it is truly free to set-up an Account with us and, you do get to try out all the research tools for yourself. The only ‘catch’ is that you cannot Launch a project or send it out without subscribing.

 Can I add another person to my Account without extra cost?

Yes. Just click on the small blue tab in the upper right corner > click on Company Profile > scroll down to ‘Authorized Researchers’ and click the ‘Me and the following’ button and you can add another person to your account. No additional charges – your Membership is based on the number of projects per year versus the number of people using our Tools.

 Why do you want me to provide you with information about our firm?

The information you share with Fuel Insights helps know what type of Templates we should be creating, how many people might be doing research, what kind of research you might be doing . . . in general it helps us do our job better. 

 How do I pay for my Membership?

Our preferred method of payment is your credit card, which we will run once a month for the amount specified on the Membership you selected. If your company requires another form of payment such as a p.o. and invoicing you will need to contact us to discuss terms and options. See the Contact Page for more information.

 Is there a way for me to track how many research projects I have created or how many research credits I have remaining?

Everything in regards to your projects is found in your dashboard. Click the small blue tab on the upper right of your screen > click on ‘Account History’.

 We moved to a new location, can I change my address in my account?

Yes. Click on the blue tab in the upper right corner of your screen > scroll down to your Contact Information and update it with your new address. If your credit card billing information has changed you should update that information as well.

 Where can I find the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy information?

The footer of each page contains links to these areas.

Research Program Questions

 I want to add my client’s logo to the research program, can I do that?

Yes. Start a new project > add the title of the project > provide a brief description of the program > scroll down a bit and you will see ‘Alternate Logo’ browse and find the logo on your device, select it and click ‘Upload’.  Fuel Insights accepts png gif jpg jpeg and the image must be smaller than 50MB.

 I want to ‘Launch’ a project I created, how do I do that?

If you have already selected a Membership option follow these steps:

  • open your dashboard (small blue tab at the top of the screen, click on dashboard)
  • next to Pending, click on the VIEW button
  • scroll to the program you want to LAUNCH, click the LAUNCH button
  • answer the brief questions (# of completes, timing, date)
  • click the box confirming that you are ready to LAUNCH your research program
  • A red banner (Notification Center) will appear notifying you that your project has been launched, and that a URL has been created
  • Highlight the URL from the banner and copy it or visit Deployed Programs and highlight the URL and copy it
  • Open your email program and paste the link into your subject field, write a brief message about your program, add email addresses and hit send

 I created a Research project and saved it, now I can’t find it, any ideas?

Visit your Account on Fuel Insights then click on “Pending” and you should find it in this drawer.

If you have launched a project and you cannot find it now, likely it is in 'transit' from being Deployed to your Archive. This happens when the project you launched has reached its time limit or the number of completes you specified has been reached.

 What does ‘Deployed Programs’ mean?

These are programs that you created, launched and are still underway.

 What does ‘Pending’ mean?

This is where programs that you created but have not launched yet are residing. You can still edit and change any program in the Pending drawer before you Launch.

 What does ‘Archive’ mean?

This is where projects that have been deployed and the time for responses has expired end up.  A nice feature about these archived programs is that you can easily CLONE one if you need a similar project. Just click the CLONE button, re-title it and give it a new description and the program is new and once saved, will now be in your Pending drawer.

 When I click on a Deployed program, what are those green ‘dials’ that appear below the name of my program?

The first gauge is titled Submissions and it tells you how many Completes you requested (in this case 10) and how many responses you have so far (in this case 2).

The second gauge tells you how long your program is going to run (in this example 48 hours) and how long your project has been underway (5 hours so far).

 I created a project, launched it, and now I want to do that same project again with only a slight change, is there a way to do that?

If the project has completed it will now be in your Archive and you can click on the 'Clone' button to the right of the project.

If your project is in the Pending folder, you can select Clone from the dropdown list of options select it, your project will now be cloned. You'll just need to add a title and a description and you are ready to go!

 Is there a Template for . . . ?

Templates are being created and added weekly, if you have a specific type of Template you are looking for please send an email to: and give us a few details, we’ll get back to you quickly.

 Where can I find the link to a research project that I created?

If the project has been launched and is still active within the time constraints that you have set, the link will be on the main dashboard page under the deployed programs drawer. 

 I think I could use some help setting up a project, do you have a researcher that I can consult with?

Yes, we have several researchers that are available to consult with you on a per project fee basis. They have general expertise in research and several of them have specific experience that might be helpful. Send us an email at and tell us about your project – we’ll be happy to recommend someone to help out.

 When I am working on a research project, there is a blue ‘palette’ on the left of the screen – what does each of those titles mean?

 Can I share just the results of a project with others?

Yes, follow the steps below and you can invite as many others to view the current results of a project.  Anyone you invite will only be able to see the analysis of that specific program and nothing else in your Dashboard.

How to share a current view of the Analysis Tab of this research project with others inside or outside of your company:
-    Under Shared Status, click the ‘Share Analysis’ button
-    Create a Password > you will then be directed to a new page
-    Copy the new URL
-    Click ‘Save Settings’
-    Create an email and invite others to see the current results of the research > paste the URL into the body of the email > be sure to add the Password as well
-    Send the email

To Stop Sharing the results:
At any point you can stop sharing these results with others:
-    Open your Dashboard
-    Click on the specific launched program > click on ‘Share Analysis’ > click ‘Stop Sharing’

 What browsers work best with Fuel Insights?

Macintosh:  We have had very good results with; Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera and Atomic browsers.

PC: Firefox and Chrome have performed best, older versions of Explorer have had some issues. If you have a choice, Firefox seems very stable and is preferred.

If you find something to be out of sorts, please note the browser type and version you are using. Send us an email at: and tell us what you were doing at the time of the problem, what type of issue you were having and the browser details. We will respond quickly. Thanks!

 My launched project disappeared!!!! What happened?

Don't panic . . .

One of two things happened:

- your project had a number of Completes you needed and that number was achieved

- your project had a time limit [Day and hour] and that time came and your project closed

Either way, your project is safe and can now be found in your Archive. Just click the VIEW button and you should see your project.  In some circumstances, you may not immediately see the project in your archive if you happen to look for it right after it closes. It generally takes about 60-90 seconds for the project and the results to move from the Deployed area to the Archive.

 Can I have a question appear as a result of another questions answer choice?

Yes, this is called a conditional response and these can be added by clicking on the Logic tab inside of a project.

Here is an example of how this works using a Radio Button question and a Check Box or multiple choice question. Add these choices to your form by dragging each to the work field, Radio Button first followed by the Check Box. Add your questions and responses > click Save under the blue palette on the left.

Then, click on the Logic tab, here is what you will see next:

Click: "Add a new condition" 

You can see that "Your question" (Radio Button) is the question choice leading the process, and there are options available to you here. You can select a variety of responses from the menu under "is", you can select the answer you want to be linked and then you have the choices of actions next to "then".


Typically, its easiest to stay with the choice "is" and then choose the appropriate answer that will then be linked to an action, which will be your next choice. In our example, you want "A mutliple answer question" to be shown so, you would select that option.

Last step is to click "Save Conditions"

Now, when your survey participant selects the proper answer from the first Radio Button question, your Check Box question will appear in the form.


- you can add multiple logic linked questions at one time, avoid going over 25-30 of these types of questions as the system will slow down as it process your requests

- conditional questions can only be made from either a Radio Button or Check Box question.

- you can link any type of question or option to a Radio Button or Check Box question